17 June

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Few owners who visited Whitcoombe would have escaped the welcome they got from Zipper the dachshund. A very vocal one it was too only to be followed by a lot of licking.
Old age sadly caught up with Zippy recently but he had a good innnings. He came into our lives 14 years ago, originally as Sophie’s dog. His arrival though brought on the good fortune of the arrival of our twins Jack and Eliza so he very swiftly became a gallops dog and there have been very few gallop mornings or trips to the races that he has missed with Jonny since. He was never happier than in the gallops vehicle hence his fierce protection of it whenever any poor owner tried to enter it! Every service station en route to a race meeting was a point of interest in case it added to his in car buffet service.
His treat was to be allowed to stay with staff members Lesley or Reg when we went away and latterly, local owners Chris and Elaine Hawkins who I am sure all spoilt him rotten.
We all miss him terribly but he’d be keen to see us crack on and win with all the two year olds he had been making notes on!