May Update

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Another month has passed without the to-ing and fro-ing of the horsebox to the races. I am pleased to report the horses here to be in good shape with training on the gallops continuing as normal and existing staff members all reporting for duty as normal and keeping healthy, cheerful and ever hopeful for the  moment when the green light is given for the horses they care so much about to get out there and do what they are being trained for.
The patience of our loyal owners is no doubt being tested and is bound to be so for a while longer but we are mindful of how vital their support is so the stables can operate as smoothly as possible. Hopefully we can all help each other during this time.
At the same time all of us in the horseracing industry are so aware and grateful of the work going on so far away from the world we enjoy by all NHS frontline staff in hospitals and care homes around the country. In this picture two of our two year olds (Mia Mia and Sheila O’Shea ) walk past a nod to the great NHS from Jockey Club Estates who own and manage the 500 acres of gallops our horses use on a daily basis.