Pump Technology evening at Newbury

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Jeremy Brownlee of Pump Technology Ltd hosted the now annual race evening at Newbury. This year he was celebrating 30 years of his business and an amazing 21 years of sponsoring our stables.
As in previous years there was the Win Races With Jonathan Portman novice fillies race in which we finished 3rd with Enola Grey. We made the presentation to Her Majesty The Queen who was the winning owner. Sadly she was absent!
The sponsorship we have received for so long from Pump Technology Ltd has been so appreciated and invaluable to all our owners who through this arrangement qualify for full redemption of VAT on training and purchase costs incurred by their horses in training. Without this things would be pretty much impossible for them.
Jeremy first came into our lives 24 years ago when part of a syndicate who had sent us the grey hurdler Misconduct from another trainer. That lovely mare gained a new lease of life with us and she won plenty of races at nice tracks.
Jeremy had a beard down to his waist, a pony tail down to his backside, one tooth and basically looked rather frightening. I said to Sophie that we needed to keep an eye on that one. As time went by the various syndicate members gradually dropped out for one reason or another but it was Jeremy who was not only the kindest, most amusing and most understanding of all of them but the only one of them still with us all these years on. We salute you Jeremy and we know never to judge a book by its cover!
Over the years Jeremy has offered acts of kindness to us and those associated with us beyond sponsorship. Several years ago when most of the country was under water during the worst flooding for 60 years, we needed extra pumps to sort our own flooding issues out. After a very refreshing pub lunch Jeremy came to the house armed with his pumps. We donned waders and walked out to the deepest of our flood for a photo opportunity only for Jeremy to go his full length in the water and get totally soaked. That was the time I thought our sponsorship deal might come to an abrupt end, along with it our friendship. Not a bit of it ; Jeremy thought it was hilarious and never once complained or protested as he returned to our kitchen to have another drink or two and dry off.